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Bazaar Fresh : The Online Supermarket at Bhubaneswar.
An initiative to connect marketplaces and redefine freshness...

Started in the year 2017, Bazaar Fresh as a brand name in online shopping home delivery service has built up a reputation of the most trusted service provider for the residents of Bhubaneswar. You can talk of a wide range of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, exotic fruits and vegetables, grocery, finest meats, wide array of cheese, branded snacks & bakery products and more ... you name it and we get it for you at best prices delivered at your doorstep.

For us, customers delight are of top priority and we do value suggestion and feedback which we do incorporate with the improving our service and quality.

Bazaar Fresh: The Inception of Idea!

Imagine! You are in a weekly or daily sabzi haat, where you are moving from one vendor to another searching for fresh vegetables, asking and bargaining for better prices (as there is no uniformity of price) and sorting from the lot to find better quality. Even the vendor is also imposing to take more quantity than you asked to round off the payment. After shopping, carrying a bag which is almost 10-15kg in weight and proceed towards jam packed parking place where the car or bike was parked earlier, paying the parking fee and finally facing heavy traffic of the city for reaching home. By giving all those efforts, time and money sometimes you may not happy with the quality of vegetables.

This is what the scenario of our traditional vegetable shopping…

At present, things have been changed a lot, the new age customers are time poor, calculative, service-oriented, tech-savvy and quality conscious. So looking into this paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, we thought about creating a market where those problems are not addressed properly earlier and give our best efforts for a solution. Hence, “Bazaar Fresh – The Online Supermarket” emerged to serve you.

Why Bazaar Fresh

  • Best Price Guaranteed
    We guarantee you the best price of your order at Bazaar Fresh. The competitive unmatched price you will get over here if compare the price with others.
  • No need to sort from the lot
     We sort and grade better quality and properly packaged the vegetables for our customers. And making ease of shopping for them and they do not need to sort from the lot as in traditional shopping.
  • Hassle-free Shopping
    From your comfort at home or during travelling to office anywhere anytime by just making a call, WhatsApp or through our website, you can order your vegetables & daily requirement and your order will be delivered at your doorstep. Now without consuming of time, effort, travelling cost, parking fee and etc. you can get qualitative products at affordable price. And if you calculate the opportunity cost of all these, definitely you will be the gainer.
  • We don’t just deliver, we deliver freshness
    We are very much conscious and concerned about quality. Therefore we are keen about multi-level quality checks before we finally package for delivery. Be assured! Fresh vegetables will be delivered.
  • We also accept Bulk Party & HORECA orders
    We also accept bulk orders for any Party, Events, Marriage and HORECA ( Hotels, Restaurant & Catering) etc.
  • Assured Same-day Delivery if ordered between 09:00 AM to 05:00PM
  • 100% refund if not satisfactory 
    If you are not satisfied with the quality of any of our products, we will take the return of these products then and there and the amount will be adjusted in the bill. As our products are perishable in nature we request you to please check the quality when receiving from the delivery boy.
    For Exotic Items : Return is not acceptable. Please check thoroughly as you order.