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Dragon Fruit – 1Pc


High in Nutrients. …
May Help Fight Chronic Disease. …
Loaded With Fiber. …
Promotes a Healthy Gut. …
Strengthens Your Immune System. …
May Boost Low Iron Levels. …
Good Source of Magnesium. …


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Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit ( Source )

–University of Gent researchers found dragon fruit oil made from the seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids and tocopherol (Vitamin E). This nutrient is critical for protecting the body from free radical damage and oxidation. Vitamin E also assists with proper organ function.

–The carbohydrates in dragon fruit can, according to a Food Chemistry study, stimulate growth of probiotics necessary for good intestinal health.

–The US Institutes of Health found that dragon fruit extracts decreased aortic stiffness and controlled oxidative damage. In other words, dragon fruits may help diabetic patients with cardiovascular problems.

–According to a 2005 study conducted in Phytotherapy Research, dragon fruit extracts from the leaves, fruit, rind and flowers illustrate wound-healing properties.

The Cosmetics and Toiletries journal explains how some institutions extract dormins from dragonfruit: these extracts maintain healthier, younger skin, reduce the risk of cellular skin disorders and tighten the skin.

The high amount of antioxidants in dragon fruit promotes cellular health and helps the body fight external pollutants like free radicals. These antioxidants are also anticancerous and lower blood pressure.

–Dragon fruit has a high amount of B1, an essential nutrient that provides the following benefits:

            —Strengthens the immune system

            —Promotes brain health

            —Helps the body cope with stress

            —Reduces the risk of developing cataracts

            —Helps muscle coordination

            —Shows potential in treating Alzheimers

            –Helps regulate metabolism