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Beetroot (Beet) – 500gm


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Beetroot has been gaining in popularity as a superfood. Recent studies claim that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, reduce blood pressure, and increase blood flow.

So much so that an increasing number of juices and drinks are now incorporating this nutritious food.

Beetroot comes from the same family as sugar beets. However, it is genetically and nutritionally different. Sugar beets are white, and manufacturers tend to use them for extracting sugar and sweetening processed foods. It is not possible to extract sugar from beetroot, which is mostly red or gold.


One cup of raw beets provides:

Beetroot can also add the following vitamins and minerals to a person’s diet. The percentages are from the USDA’s 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines.

Nutrient Percentage of an adult’s daily requirement
Vitamin C 7.4%
Vitamin A 0.3% for males, and 0.39% for females
Folate 37%
Magnesium 7.83% for males, and 10.97% for females
Phosphorus 7.77%

Beets also contain small amounts of:

Green, leafy vegetables such as beet tops provide high levels of dietary nitrate. Cooked beet tops are a great source of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesiumpotassium, and folate.

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