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Safal Frozen Jackfruit – 300gm


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Hygienically pre cut. Tender jackfruit from Jharkhand. Rich in dietary fibre, goodness of vitamins & Minerals

Nutritional Fact:
Nutritional Information. per 100 g Energy Protein Carbohydrate (Sugar) Fat Dietary Fibre Potassium Calcium Vitamin C Vitamin B9 26.3 kcal 1.98 g 3.48 g (2.02 g) 1135 g 7.69 g 327 mg 45.74 mg 17.51 mg 35.73 ^mcg

Cooking Instructions for Safal Quick Frozen Jackfruit:
1. Cut open the pack.
2. Take out the required quantity of Safal Frozen Jackfruit and thaw it.
3. Once the jackfruit is completely thawed and is soft, drain excess water.
4. The Safal Frozen Jackfruit is ready for cooking as per your cuisine.

Manufactured & Marketed by: Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd, Fruit & Vegetable Unit